The Art of -Akram Sarraj





“Sarrajism is grounded in vision of color, calligraphy & space.  The vibrant, geometric backgrounds are reminiscent of traditional mosaic and stained glass, of Cubism and Modernism.  But my style also calls on viewer to contribute to the art work by drawing on viewer’s imagination and their own sense of insight.”  ~Art is my Freedom



“I have been creating art & painting since I was 5 years old. I was encouraged and supported by school administration and teachers, and it was their support and push for excellence that fueled my development as an artist.”

Is My

 “I studied painting through art books, working one-on-one with professional artists often up to twelve hours a day, and meeting with Mosul’s prominent artists. I studied academic art through pencil, water colors, and later with oil. The important topics for me were portraiture, models, nature, and peace.”


“Over time, and by observing the wide audience which I came in contact with, it became evident to me that the society was changing and that our attention span was becoming shorter & shorter.  People were not taking the time to look closely, to look for a long time and to feel art.”